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Mind Declutter 1

Mind Declutter My previous blog about autumn and how we need to get rid of negativity cluttering our space.  Somehow I feel that I am not yet quit finished with this thought. For some time the thought of de-clutter have been part of my own life – getting rid of the stuff that take up space in my life but that adds no value to it.    Wow – this is quite a thought! If I have to give my own definition of what it is to declutter it is:  “Getting rid of the stuff that take up space in my life […]

Brighten your winter with Vitamin D

No, this is not an article about a new medicine with Vitamin D, it is about sunlight! If you have kids, or if you are like me, you certainly know the animation: Frozen. Olaf is a very special character in this movie.  Olaf is a snowman.  Tiny, but a lot of fun.  He says the wrong things at the right time and certainly brings life and laughter to the movie. When Olaf is told that they are looking for his maker (Queen Elsa) he falls in love with the idea of bringing back summer.  He says: “Oh, I don’t know […]

Lost for words

Remember the blog about “the Importance of spending time alone with God in prayer”?  Well, the truth is that there are times that it feels as if your prayer life has come to a standstill.   You are lost for words to pray and get stuck.  Or sometimes circumstances leave us lost for words and praying does not come easy. Why not use scripture to pray? This is how I do it.  As I read the scripture, I insert my name.  For example: (1 Peter 1:13-26) Be Holy 13 Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, Sylvia set your hope on the grace to be brought to you Sylvia when Jesus Christ […]

Seasons of change

There are two seasons that indicate change the one is spring and the other is autumn. The one change in season indicates growth the other rest! It is autumn in South Africa wind blowing, leaves falling, a change in the air.  I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine we were discussing a particular storm that entered his life and he said that he is tired of other peoples leaves blowing into my garden and I have to clean it up. This made me think, maybe autumn is the time to clean up all the leaves that […]