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Inspired Women is Women of Influence

I am currently busy with a Bible study – 3 Skips and a Jump and it speaks about becoming a woman of influence and as such becoming the woman God designed us to be.  It is actually not a Bible study in the true sense of the word but the principles laid down by the writer Tammy Hotsenpiller is something that I would call “Guiding Principles” for woman of faith. She writes that there are three stumbling blocks that prevent us from becoming a woman of influence or as we would say it an inspired woman and these are: Entitlement […]

Are You Too Busy to Hear God’s Calling?

When going about our busy life’s each day there is a good chance we can’t hear Gods calling us. This is my story of how God slowed me down so I can hear what he had to tell me. I always wanted to counsel people in need but never got around to studying how to do it. I took a look at studying through Unisa, but that is all that happened, looking with no action. That is when I think God said enough is enough and He went over to action. At the end of 2010 one if my toes […]

Personal Inspiration 1

Personal Inspiration My blogs goes around finding inspiration to be an inspiration in your sphere of influence.  My previous blogs was being an inspiration and how to stay or become inspired.  This blog is more personal in nature.  I was unsure to share this as this reflects so much of me. We are Scottie Terriers Fans, and have no less than 4 of these adorable, lovable and EXTREMELY headstrong doggies.  Two of our Scotties are rescued animals and the one I am going to write about name is Oupatjie.   We found him next to the side of the road extremely […]

Slowing life down

My husband and I moved to our new home. And between the hustle of getting everything settled whilst continuing with our busy schedules, I kept on inviting friends over to visit us at this new home of ours. One of the people I invited lives less than 500m from my house. Every time she asked whether she can come over I end up with “I am busy with…” Once it was shopping for food, the next was preparing for an event I hosted and the other time I was busy with my horse. I was just too busy to have […]

Please don’t ask me to pray

At times you might hear the following or maybe this is your feeling; “I would just love to go to Bible study but I am not good with words.” This was once my feeling too. When my boy’s were still in school, we had groups of praying moms and “mom’s who cared” was started. The mom who was organising the group phoned me to ask if I would like to be part of this group. I was caught off guard and found myself saying yes! After I put the phone down I started realizing what I said yes to and […]