Inspired Women is Women of Influence

I am currently busy with a Bible study – 3 Skips and a Jump and it speaks about becoming a woman of influence and as such becoming the woman God designed us to be.  It is actually not a Bible study in the true sense of the word but the principles laid down by the writer Tammy Hotsenpiller is something that I would call “Guiding Principles” for woman of faith.

She writes that there are three stumbling blocks that prevent us from becoming a woman of influence or as we would say it an inspired woman and these are:

  1. Entitlement
  2. Resentment
  3. Punishment

I would like to add two more:

  1. Personal negligence
  2. Not actively practicing the discipline of GRACE

Entitlement goes about what I believe I must get.  Someone described it as a state of mind in which individuals comes to believe that privileges are rights! It means simply that we believed we are OWED!  Now this leads to pride and the Bible warns us “Pride goes before destruction,..”

Resentment and bitterness goes together.  They make an unattractive couple that causes destruction wherever they go.  They steal away your joy, peace, harmony, and remind you constantly about past failures and defeats.  Resentment and bitterness is born in us when we have suffered a hurt (pain) now this can be due to something that has been done to us, by something that have been said to us or when something is taken away from us.  Jesus (Matthew 11:28-30) invites us to come to Him when we are weary and burden and when we do this we WILL experience rest!

Punishment.  It is the act of inflicting a consequence or a penalty as a result of a wrongdoing or a perceived “bad” deed or act.  I have found that this aspect is one which I struggle with the most – not punishing others but punishing myself for what I perceive as My personal wrongdoings or dare I say sins? We all make mistakes – simply because none of us is perfect, however it is important that we move forward and not let our mistakes/sins /wrongdoings dictate our future.  Romans 12:18 implores with us to “live at peace with everyone” and this includes living at peace with ourselves!


In my next blog I will discuss the other 2 points:

  1. Personal negligence
  2. Not actively practicing the discipline of GRACE

Let us then intentionally start to identify what steals our inspiration and ruthlessly eliminate it from our lives!

Dr Lizette Ω†