Celebration – Energy to Sparkle

This  past weekend we as a family took some time out to celebrate!  Life had been so busy that we missed birthdays, mothers-day and a lot of other important family moments.  We  celebrated  the golden anniversary of my in laws, my husband sold his first book, various birthdays etc.  I am a planner – I spend quite a great deal of my life planning, as I was busy planning the menu, etc I found myself wondering about why do we celebrate?  Merriam Webster gives the following description of celebration: 

Simple Definition of celebrate

  •  to do something special or enjoyable for an important event, occasion, holiday, etc.

  • : to praise (someone or something) : to say that (someone or something) is great or important

  • : to perform (a religious ceremony)


Our lives are filled with lots of significant things: to do lists, exercise goals, personal accomplishments, family responsibilities, works tasks. During this long  to do list – how often do we make time to just celebrate life!  Sometimes we believe that celebrations are only for those important and media covered events.

But this is not true! Celebration does not just have to be formal and governed by the media.  Most of our daily tasks and life events are routine – cleaning our houses, routine office tasks, driving in the car, shopping etc.  This type of monotonous activity drains our energy – it dulls our sparkle.

Celebration creates energy to Sparkle because:

  • It allows us to relax
  • To interact in a positive way with other people
  • It activates the pleasure  center of the brain
  • Inspire Motivation
  • Motivation  turns into momentum
  • Momentum = visible energy = Sparkle!!!

Are  you ready to sparkle?  Take the sparkle challenge.

  • What are you going to celebrate this week?
  • How are you going to celebrate it?
  • With whom are you going to celebrate?

Looking forward to your comments!

Dr Lizette ♦