2018 Event

On the 18th of August 2018, we will celebrate the diversity of the beauty of womanhood.

The day is one of celebration and also of discovery.

A change to reignite your life! Together we will journey to rediscover our inner inspiration.

IWC is a day filled with conversations, fantastic food and the real love of sisterhood.

Every day we are bombarded with commercial and artificial things that are supposed to make us feel attractive and stunning.

But when this fake-ness fails us, we lose our inspiration.

Choose to be part of #IWC2018 and decide to ignite live inspired.

Because you have been created beautifully.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Lizette from Team inspired!

Tickets are R200 each

For any help on making bookings and buying tickets, please do not hesitate to contact our inspired team at:
tickets@inspired-women.co.za or 082 083 1637