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Mind Declutter

My previous blog about autumn and how we need to get rid of negativity cluttering our space.  Somehow I feel that I am not yet quit finished with this thought. For some time the thought of de-clutter have been part of my own life – getting rid of the stuff that take up space in my life but that adds no value to it.    Wow – this is quite a thought!

If I have to give my own definition of what it is to declutter it is:  “Getting rid of the stuff that take up space in my life but add no value to my life”!  this is a BIG thought, I think.  Do you also have “stuff” in your life that just take up space? Now it does not mean that these things were not of value once in your life – but somehow they have become stuck and you keep dusting it of from time to time, but don’t really do anything with it.

Do you know that our mind also becomes cluttered.  Some of the things that clutter up our mind is things like, worries, stress, negative thoughts, failures,… .  Someone once wrote that our mind is often covered in scar tissue of old hurts and traumas.    This scaring steals our joy in living and our inspiration.

5 Simple ways to declutter your mind:

  1. Breathe. Take a few deep breaths, for a couple of minutes focus on your breathing.  This has a calming effect on our bodies and “de-=stress “our minds.

  2. Start to journal. Writing helps to bring out what is on your mind – keep a journal and write-write-write. Hint try using different colour pens – it make a difference.

  3. Watch less TV. Television in itself is not bad – but take time this week instead of an hour watching TV just go sit in your garden, or balcony, or lounge.  Listen to your thoughts – us this time to write your journal.

  4. Let IT go. Whatever it is – let is be.  If you made a mistake, acknowledge it and move forward – stop dwelling about on it all the time.

  5. Finish something! We all have projects that we have started and somehow time has happened and it is still not finished.  Finish one task! Celebrate! Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, now only do you move towards the next task.

Start to enjoy your new clean and declutter mind.  Remember you may have to do this more than once – for me this is something I need to do on a regular basis! Have fun discovering yourself in this time of de-cluttering!

Dr Lizette


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  • Lenah Kutumela

    Wow-truly inspiring Lizette. Powerful tips indeed on how to declutter the mind.
    Love the page as well. Thank you for sharing. Lenah

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