Mothers praying for their Children 1

Children today differed from children a decade ago. They have to deal with many different kinds of dangers: Like Drugs, Alkohol and Porno that is easy to get hold off.

Mothers that pray for their children know their children are safe in God’s care. God is in control of their lives.

Mother’s are praying for their children according to God’s will, throughout the day, see how their prayers for their children come to life.


Thank you for my children, God; I know they are a gift from you.


Daily I need Your strength and wisdom to train them in the way they should go.


Give me patience and a joyful heart;


Let me be an example of your love and forgiveness.


Thank you, Father, for the honor of being a parent.




Thank you for joining me in prayer.

See you again tomorrow.


One thought on “Mothers praying for their Children

  • Joann

    Thank YOU LORD for the the great joy of being a parent and using the author to just remind us how blessed we are to bring children into this world. The strains of daily life can at times let us forget how great GOD is and that HE knows exactly what we need. Bless all the children in this world and we pray for every childs protection against evil and poverty. Be blessed!

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