“Return to Manufacturer”

Dr Myles Munroe: a special friend gave me the following book “The most important person on earth.”

I want to share a few lines on pages 15 and 16 from this book with you Inspired Women out there:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all human beings were born with “manufacturer’s

instructions” tied to their wrists, explaining who they are and how they work?

I believe human beings do come with the equivalent of operating instructions that give us answers to our deepest questions about our world and ourselves. The reason we are filled with such uncertainty and confusion about life is that we are lost our connection to these original instructions. This is why we cannot see the purpose of the world itself and how it is supposed to function.

When we try but fail to solve what is broken in our lives and our world, it is because our Manufacturer’s labels have become faded, and we have not read this important instruction: “Do not try to repair yourself, return to Manufacturer.”

It is the Manufacturer who…

has the original blueprint.

  • Knows how to repair what is broken inside us.
  • Can provide the replacement piece for what is missing in our lives.

When we rediscover the Manufacturer’s original intent, we come to understand our purpose, our potential, and the significance of our role in this world.”

I want to conclude with the following: Don’t  let the world out there hold the key to how you live your life.