Slowing life down

My husband and I moved to our new home. And between the hustle of getting everything settled whilst continuing with our busy schedules, I kept on inviting friends over to visit us at this new home of ours. One of the people I invited lives less than 500m from my house. Every time she asked whether she can come over I end up with “I am busy with…” Once it was shopping for food, the next was preparing for an event I hosted and the other time I was busy with my horse. I was just too busy to have a friend over.

I felt terrible because I really wanted her to visit. We continuously curse being busy, but apparently being busy is not at the heart of the problem. John Ortberg calls this problem the “hurry sickness”.

The world is addicted to getting things done faster, and quicker. Fast foods, 2 minute microwavable dinners, faster internet, online everything – because it helps us get what would take an hour in the bank or shop, only 2 minutes online. Look at all the adds about anything, really. Every product sells a faster or quicker way of doing something, so that you can get more done in your 24 hours. And in this hurry, we lose ourselves. We lose friendships and we lose love. Slowing life down is not just something we do in order to rest. It is essential to our physical health as well as our mental and emotional stability. And most importantly, going slower, allows us to grow in our spirits.

Though there are tons of ways you can slow your life down, here is a simple way you can slow yourself down in the midst of being in a constant hurry.

Eat your meals slower.

As easy as that.   It is of course not enough to slow your whole life down, but it is a start. What we eat effects the whole of life, and when we change how we eat – we get instant results.

Some tips:

  • Try not to eat while working on a laptop or working on something or reading.
  • Do not eat while watching TV.
  • Chew slower.
  • Do not move around when eating.
  • Do not drink sodas or other sugary drinks with your meal.
  • Eat at a designated area that you prepare for you to sit and have a meal.

The benefits of this simple habit are endless. Here is a few:

  • Easier digestion.
  • Weight loss.
  • Support to the detoxification process.
  • Hormone balancing – eating slower causes slower release of sugars in the food which spikes blood pressure, blood sugar and hormone imbalances.
  • It creates a time of rest, time to break away from being busy,
  • Time to connect with family and friends or colleagues.
  • Provides time for self-care, love and nurture.

Add this simple habit to your daily program, and enjoy the wonder of having one activity that slows life down. Who knows, maybe it will stir a hunger for less of the ‘hurry’ and more of the ‘slow’ nurturing side of life.


Leave a comment below and tell us what secret do you have that others can use to slow life down.