What is (IWC) – Inspired Women Conference about?

IWC is about you! Yes you – women of South Africa.  It is a day of celebration that was founded in August 2014.

Sparks 10

It started as a conversation between me and my friend Claudette. We talked about everyday challenges experienced by us as women. We talked about juggling busy schedules, being the best mom for our children and of course being a wife for our husbands. It includes picking up our lives after divorce, single hood and being a Godly woman.  This conversation planted a seed in my heart that grew into a dream.  I wanted to create a platform where women who live their lives to the best of their ability – find their inspiration again.


You beautiful women of S.A. I truly believe that God created us as women to be nothing less than inspirational in life!!!.  Yes- you and me indeed must be His created inspiration.  The aim of this day is transformation, to become who you are in relationship with God who created you and me. This empowers us to become the much needed inspiration for the people we spend our days with.

There are many things that comes into our lives and that attempts to steal our joy and inspiration, and my friends sometimes it happens.  Each year we have a unique theme that is unique to that year – a prophetic word just for you for this season of your life.


Our theme this year is Ignite your Sparkle – see you there!


Dr Lizette Mobey

Founder: IWC