Dear Friend When pain tends to change your life and You feel like an apparent failure You can still decide whether you going To let this feeling crush you Do not pretend; admit to the pain you feel. You need to understand why you Tangled up in this feelings of pain Insight is the first step to healing You need to take responsibility for your life now Do not let negative thoughts take charge off you Reject the bad feelings they false Sunflower’s asks more than just love For their heads to produce oil In the same way, you need […]

Making One’s Calling and Election

PRAY 2 Peter 1:3-8 and use your name on the dotted lines. God by your divine power, you have given me ……….. everything to live a godly life. I ………. have received all of this by coming to know you God, the one who called me …….. to himself using his marvellous glory and excellence. And because of your glory and excellence, you have given me ………. a great and precious promise. These are the promises that enable me ……….. to share your divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.   In view of this, I ………. […]

Are You Too Busy to Hear God’s Calling?

When going about our busy life’s each day there is a good chance we can’t hear Gods calling us. This is my story of how God slowed me down so I can hear what he had to tell me. I always wanted to counsel people in need but never got around to studying how to do it. I took a look at studying through Unisa, but that is all that happened, looking with no action. That is when I think God said enough is enough and He went over to action. At the end of 2010 one if my toes […]