Why Inspired Women 2015 supports this campaign:

Sexual violence is not only a women’s issue, it is a human issue. Inspired Women follows this campaign that aims to raise awareness of sexual violence and to encourage women and men to stand up against victim blaming. For many of us, sexual violence is just 2 words, and we continue be blind to the pain it causes. The shocking statistics is that 1 out of 3 women in South Africa experienced sexual violence, and for most of them coping with victim blaming is an everyday reality.

Danielle Tansino founded this campaign in 2012 after her personal traumatic experience. Not only was she raped by one of her well-known school friends, but the court refused to prosecute because, “Jurors don’t like girls that drink.” After the traumatic experience of the court system she realized that most of her family and friends blamed her for the rape and suggested that it was a mere ‘misunderstanding’, or that she was not ‘being careful enough’, while others didn’t talk about it at all.

This campaign wishes to raise awareness about sexual violence and speak out against victim-blaming.

Victim-blaming includes any statement or question that focusses on what a victim of sexual violence did or didn’t do, implying that their behavior makes them fully or partly responsible for being assaulted or for failing to prevent their assault. Examples are “What were you thinking going there/wearing that/drinking so much?” “Well, that wasn’t very smart.” “What did you expect would happen?” “You should have been more careful.” “Did you even fight back?”

Inspired Women 2015 supports RED MY LIPS CAMPAIGN in order to inspire others to help raise awareness of sexual violence, and to educate and speak out against victim blaming. In September 2014 Emma Watson gave a speech at the launch of a movement called HeForShe in the United Nations. In her speech she addressed women’s rights as follows: “Fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating… This has to stop.”

Raising awareness with this campaign is not only for women’s rights, but because sexual violence is a human issue. We call on all inspired women and men to stand and join us in this cause.

To learn more about this campaign and what victim blaming is, visit: and follow our Facebook page (LINK) to see what other inspired women are doing to raise awareness. Please like, share our posts as part of this awareness campaign.

Ilana Serfontein